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Welcome to EPN Solutions


EPN Solutions is  a European based distributor of  Test and Measurement equipment, components and accessories into a broad range of industries including:




Embedded Systems

Servers, PCs and PC Subsystems
Research & Development



We have more than a hundred specialised test and measurement fixtures, test/validation subsystems, software and components, and experience in this area built up over many years.



EPN Solutions areas of expertise are; embedded systems measurement, PC/Server architecture, mixed signal analysis, system performance measurements, digital debug, measurement and connection technologies, and instrument technologies such as logic analysis, oscilloscopes and microwave instruments.



For full details of our many test and validation probing adapters, some with protocol decode software, can be found under ‘Our Products’ tab.


EPN Solutions was founded in 2003 and is based within the UK. Initially we served the EMEA market but now  distribute our products world wide and can offer pricing in Sterling, US Dollars, Euros, Yen, Yuan Renminbi and other local currencies, please feel free to ask for pricing in your currency.

We can supply stand alone test fixtures as well as any logic analyser or oscilloscope test fixture, component or item requirement you may have, so please contact us today with your needs.


What are Test Fixtures and Probing Adapters?


A test fixture or probing adapter facilitates easy connection between the target system, development system, or system under test, with the primary measurement equipment, typically a computer or Test and Measurement equipment such as a Logic Analyser, Oscilloscope, or RF test instruments such as Spectrum Analysers or Vector Network Analysers.



SATA Test Fixture












The Test Fixture or Probing Adapter may simply give a quick high quality connection for signal quality and signal integrity measurements. Some also include software to aid test setup or offer advanced Bus Protocol decoding to ease debugging and viewing of Bus transactions.



USB1.1 and USB2.0 Test Fixture.